Our Services

Proposal Management & Writing

Responding to various solicitations, such as RFPs, RFQs, RFIs, RFOs, task orders, sources sought and assembling basic proposal template to be utilized. Extensive experience fully managing, devising and completing compliant and compelling responses to Request for Proposals (RFPs) and Request for Quotations (RFQs), including, but not limited to: analyzing and outlining the contract requirements to assure client is completely informed of what the proposal submission and forthcoming contract entails; assist clients in developing win themes, managing the proposal process, writing and editing the proposal, sending data calls to teaming companies, responding to teaming partner data calls, and fully completing RFP administrative requirements (Standard Forms 1449, 30, and 18; Offeror Representations and Certifications {Reps and Certs}, and SF 1449 Continuation Sheets for pricing as well as CLIN tables). We will lead all proposal activities, proposing Bid and Proposal (B&P) budgets, directed proposal personnel, managed proposal plan, schedules and deadlines, developed proposal outline and compliance matrix. Monitor the progress of the proposal.

Esquivel Consulting will also create past performance references for you. We will look at your current contracts and/or experience and take that information to create a past performance reference to be used in proposal responses. These past performance references can be used time and time again for future proposal submissions.

Being that we are staffing experts we know how a proper résumé should look, and what information it should entail when submitting it to a government or commercial client. Therefore, we are able to take key personnel and candidate résumés and format them to flow well and be consistent with your company’s target market and mission.

As successful proposal writers and managers, Esquivel Consulting has managed, written and contributed to thousands of successful proposal submissions.

Proposal Evaluation


For this service we analyze the RFP/RFQ/RFO/RFI, to become familiar with the contract requirements. Then, prior to you submitting the proposal, we evaluate the proposal as if we are your potential client or Contracting Officer.

In evaluating the proposal we assure that all important factors and requirements have been discussed, making suggestions on what areas of the proposal need improvement or more data, and correcting basic grammar and punctuation utilizing track changes.

We provide you significant feedback on how to improve your proposal, and what you can do to strengthen it and have it stand out.

Solicitation Searches and Opportunity Tracking

 Searching opportunities through a few membership restricted sites, searching for contracts using your industry (IT, logistics, healthcare for example), your NAICS codes, your past performances, and the contracts that you are looking to grow your experience in.

We send you a weekly email that organizes and describes all potential contracts according to contract number, services, contract requirements, and a few additional comments in an easy to read spreadsheet. Then, you notify us of which contracts you are interested in pursuing. If they are still in presolicitation mode we monitor them for solicitation release and notify you. If the solicitation has already been released we give you a quote of what we would charge to create the proposal or support you in creating the proposal. 

Services Summary

Operational & Training Support


Creating and maintaining various business development tools, customer surveys, reports, compiling summaries, and additional performance tools to help the company grow and better track opportunities. Conduct training sessions for your current staff to assist them in better understanding the government contracting process, and in training them to perform specific company tasks, such as outlining an RFP, responding to government solicitation, or searching for potential opportunities.

We are also able to conduct résumé searches of candidates that meet contract Performance Work Statement and Statement of Work requirements, conduct salary searches of labor categories for pricing purposes, and provide meeting facilitation services. 

Business Consulting

Esquivel Consulting will assist you in exploring your options in branching into government contracting. We will provide you with suggestions, feedback, and answer any questions that you may have about the process. We also introduce you to potential teaming partners, help you get your name out there, and inform you of networking events that would be beneficial for your company to attend. 

Government and Commercial Marketing Material

 Creating materials such as capability statements, brochures, fact sheets, informational booklets, information pamphlets, and newsletters. Something that sets us apart from the standard marketing company is that we have the knowledge and experience to know what marketing material targeting government versus commercial audiences and clients require. We create the material for your specific audience to assure you are using the correct terminology, jargon, and stressing the important factors to gain you business.

Logo Design, and Web Design – We can assist your company in developing or updating your logo. We will ensure your logo demonstrates the essence of your company and is an example of what you want your company to represent. We can also create or update your Web site. We can re-design the site, add pages, or create an entirely new site. Esquivel Consulting has extensive design experience in the government and commercial sector. Therefore, we will ensure that our design services are tailored to your target market.