About Esquivel Consulting

Over 10 Years of Experience

Esquivel Consulting provides consulting solutions to help federal, state, commercial, and staffing contractors maximize their organization's proposal performance and business development to obtain more business. As experts in government contracting, all forms of proposal support, operations, training, and business consulting support Esquivel Consulting has assisted companies in growing, and in improving their proposal and business development methods, while not increasing their overhead expenses.

We are subject matter experts in government contracting. Over 95% of our experience and services provided have been to government contracting companies. Industries we serve include healthcare, IT, administrative, security, and janitorial staffing and services; as well as construction and engineering. We know what an excellent proposal submission needs to entail to set the company apart from the competition. We also have extensive experience to support you with consulting services that help you explore your different avenues, and options to grow in additional arenas.

Esquivel Consulting takes your business needs and requirements into account. We offer proposal management/writing/evaluation, operations, and marketing services.

Esquivel Consulting was founded in 2007, and provides many advantages to our customers.

What our clients are saying


“Esquivel consulting is a professional and caring consulting firm. Their president, Ms. Esquivel, is extremely customer focused and takes the time to go the extra mile to be sure the client has what’s needed to be successful. We were very pleased with her work.”

“Esquivel Consulting provided a dynamic, incredibly prompt and detailed review of our application, on very, very short notice. We would not hesitate to us her services again.”


“Dinah is an asset to any proposal team. She is able to keep all deliverables on track submitting a comprehensive proposal while juggling several projects.”

"Dinah Esquivel’s services have been a great asset to The McConnell Group. We have found her services to be dependable, cooperative and friendly. Her attention to detail and willingness to adapt to our needs is extremely important to our company."